Request maintenance

You must submit a ticket to request maintenance any time that you expect Rackspace to work on your application. You need maintenance when a change results in downtime or could have an impact on service availability. While maintenance is typically associated with deploying code or configuration changes, you also need maintenance for small changes, including activating and deactivating a user.

When you request maintenance, you must:

  • Make the service request at least 48 hours in advance. We schedule maintenance on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • Provide as much detail as possible, including the build number, the type of maintenance (deployment, patch, or configuration change), how long the maintenance should take, and any other technical details that help us provide a smooth maintenance process.

The sooner you provide your detailed maintenance request, the better the outcome.

Why does Rackspace request 48 hours notice?

A lot of preparation goes into ensuring that your maintenance goes smoothly. As soon as you make your request, we review it, prepare for the maintenance, quality check our preparation, and then schedule the maintenance. You might receive a request from the RAS team to schedule a maintenance call within 24 hours after you submit your ticket.

Additionally, all maintenance is subject to calendar availability. The best plan is to contact Rackspace with notice as soon as you have a firm date and time preference so we can confirm availability. The technical details can come later.

To notify Rackspace of planned maintenance, open a ticket in the Rackspace login portal that describes the event and includes the proposed date, time, and time zone. Rackspace uses this ticket to communicate with you for the duration of the event. The ticket is also the best place to upload written plans and the files necessary for proper event execution.