Rackspace Colocation Migration Services

When you’re considering a move from your own data center to Rackspace Colocation, Rackspace Technology experts can guide you through every stage of the migration to help build and execute your strategy. Your colocation migration, whether large or small, can benefit from always-on support and expertise from Rackspace Technology.

Key features and benefits:

  • World-class migration

  • Rackspace Technology also delivers a white-glove colocation migration service to help you get your hardware to a Rackspace Technology data center so that you can kick-start your digital transformation journey. Rackspace Technology is there from pre-engagement to handoff.

Rackspace Colocation migration phases

This section outlines the systematic approach Rackspace Technology uses to expertly plan and execute a migration of your hardware to our facility.

Migration phases:

  • Pre-engagement: Successful migration projects begin with outlining the project scope. At the kick-off meeting, Rackspace Technology migration experts work with you to clarify the best-fit platform for your needs and review cost structures. With your input, we develop and approve the project objectives, budget, and timeline.

  • Assessment: The second phase includes assessing and analyzing your current environment and rationalizing the environment with your future-state cloud strategy. The goal is to ensure that the decisions made today align with your future requirements.

  • Design: During this phase, Rackspace Technology profiles all of the applications and hardware in scope and customizes a migration strategy based on your future-state cloud architecture.

  • Plan: Rackspace Technology schedules your hardware migration around your business operations, details your move requirements, schedules your hardware move, and documents post-move test plans and go-live processes.

  • Build: Rackspace Technology assigns your colocation elements, such as cabinets and cages, and builds out any infrastructure required, such as cross-connects and PDUs, in anticipation of the hardware move from your data center or a third-party or Rackspace Technology data center.

  • Migrate: For the physical move, Rackspace Technology partners with a leading freight and logistics company with vast experience in hardware migration services. Rackspace Technology validates the inventory pre-move, tracks progress during the move, and helps ensure that all of your hardware arrives at its destination on time. After it arrives, you can deploy your hardware yourself or have Rackspace Technology do the unpacking, racking, and cabling for you.

  • Handoff and close: Rackspace Technology validates that the move and set-up complete successfully and that your new environment is up and running.