Getting Started

It is easy to get started experiencing Rackspace Managed Services for Google Cloud Platform.

Create your Rackspace account

The first step is to create your Rackspace account. Visit and follow the instructions to establish your account.

Log in with Google

After you have created your Rackspace account, navigate to the Managed Services for Google Cloud Platform Control Panel. Once you’ve logged in, click the “Log in with Google” button to establish a link between your Rackspace account and Google.

After linking your accounts, you’ll be prompted to select the Google organization that you want Rackspace to manage. Note that a Google organization can only be associated with a single Rackspace account, and all projects you wish for us to manage must belong to that organization. You must have the Organization Admin role in your Google organization to complete this process, which ensures that only an authorized user completes this one-time linking. If you require management of projects in more than one Google organization, consider creating a second Rackspace account or migrating the projects to a single Google organization.

If you do not already have a Google organization, create one by following Google’s instructions for Creating and Managing Organizations. If you need assistance with this process, please contact your support team.

Once you’ve selected your Google organization, you can then select the GCP project(s) that you would like us to manage. Initially, all projects will be set to the Runway service level. You can contact your Technical Account Manager if you want to establish an Aviator service level GCP project.