There are two methods for accessing the AWS command-line interface (CLI), software development kits (SDKs), and application programming interfaces (APIs):

  1. From the Fanatical Support for AWS Control Panel, navigate to the Account Details screen for the AWS account you would like to access and click the View Credentials button. You will be issued AWS Security Token Service (STS) credentials that are valid for up to 60 minutes and are scoped to the same level of permissions as if you were to federate to the AWS Console. This is the preferred method of short-lived, infrequent access as access to the credentials is tied to your Fanatical Support for AWS user and is logged in the Rackspace Logbook.

  2. If you require longer-lived, more persistent access to the CLI, SDKs, or APIs you should create an IAM user with access keys (if the access will be from a user’s workstation) or an IAM instance role (if the access will be from resources, such as EC2 instances, running at AWS). Note that directly-created IAM users or roles are not managed within the Fanatical Support for AWS user management system, and therefore modifying or terminating access must be done directly within AWS IAM.

If you need assistance determining which option is best for your specific use case, please contact a Racker.