Training & Adoption

Customers seeking to gain fast application adoption in their user base can opt for Rackspace developed and delivered training workshops targeted to specific application workloads or solutions.

What we do

What it means for our customers

UAT Training for application super users

Create super users in the customer’s organization who understand the system inside and out

Workshops designed for application trainers, administrators, business leaders, and end-users

A customized training plan for their application instance rolled out to all functional rolls

Establish activity-based reporting to help customers track application usage and actions

Metrics and insights to see how users are adopting the new technology


Process and Application Training

Training for User Acceptance Testing, Train the Trainer Workshop, System Administrator Workshop, Business Leader Dashboard and Reporting Workshop​.

Application Success and Adoption

End-user workshops designed to help employees successfully adopt an application so that the customer can increase efficiency and ROI​.

Activity Reporting

Rackspace experts establish activity reporting to give the customer insights on application adoption​.