If you are using RPC) or RPCR, you can access the Kubernetes Dashboard through a web browser to get an overview of your custers, add and update resources, and troubleshoot any issues. It is not currently available for EKS.

The Dashboard lets you perform the following activities:

  • View detailed metrics for a node, including its specification, status, and the pods running on the node.
  • View the applications running in a specific namespace in summary or detailed views.
  • View resource that allow you to expose services externally.
  • View Persistent Volume Claim resources used by applications.
  • View logs of pods, including detailed pages.

Implementation details#

There are currently no specific implementation details for the Rackspace KaaS Kubernetes Dashboard service.

Specific usage instructions#

To access the Kubernetes Dashboard, browse the following URL, substituting your cluster-name and dns-zone:

Kubernetes Web UI     https://<cluster-name>.<dns-zone>/dashboard

When prompted, enter your Identity Provider credentials.

For more information on authentication, see :ref:td-integrated-authentication`.