List of components and versions#

The following tables list open-source components and versions that are used in the Managed Kubernetes solution.

General components#
Component Version
Container Linux 1800.5.0 *
Container Linux Update Operator 0.6.0
Docker client 18.03.1
Default backend image 1.4
etcd 3.3.6
Go 1.11
Kubernetes 1.10.11
NGINX Ingress Controller 0.14.0
OAuth proxy 1.1.3
Rackspace Private Cloud Powered by OpenStack (RPCO) v14, v17
Rackspace Private Cloud Powered by Red Hat (RPCR) Red Hat OpenStack Platform 13
Terraform 0.11.7
Terraform OpenStack plugin 1.5.0

* Rackspace KaaS uses the corresponding versions of components listed in the Container Linux 1800.5.0 release notes. KaaS uses the Stable channel of Container Linuxi, which means that when a new stable version of Container Linux is released, Container Linux updates automatically and independently of Rackspace KaaS versions.

Logging and monitoring components#
Component Version
configmap-reload 0.0.1
addon-resizer 1.0
Elasticsearch 6.4.0
Elasticsearch Curator 5.5.4
Fluentd 2.2.0
Grafana 5.5.2
Grafana Watcher 0.0.8
Kibana 6.4.0
kube-state-metrics 1.3.1
maas-agent (for internal use only) 2.2
mtail 3.0.0-rc16-1-g57a5d1d
node-problem-detector 0.4.1
Prometheus 2.4.3
Prometheus configuration reloader 0.0.1
Prometheus ConfigMap reloader 0.0.1
Prometheus JSON exporter SHA c2ace4e
Prometheus Node exporter 0.15.0
Prometheus Operator 0.25.0
Registry components#
Component Version
harbor-adminserver 1.5.2
harbor-db 1.5.2
nginx-photon 1.5.2
VMware Harbor 1.5.2, SHA 5c44e751
Harbor UI 1.5.2
harbor-jobservice 1.5.2
PostgreSQL 9.6.5-photon
Clair 1.4.x
Networking components#
Component Version
Calico 2.6.1
Flannel 0.8.0
ExternalDNS 0.5.6-48-g089ccbcd
Disaster recovery components#
Components Version
Heptio Ark 0.9.3

This table provides the list of browsers supported by the KaaS Control Panel.

List of supported browsers#
Browser Version
Google® Chrome™ 64.0.3282 or later
Mozilla™ Firefox™ 58.0 or later
Microsoft® Internet Explorer™ 10.0.46 or later