Get access to Account Switcher#

The Account Switcher feature is available for only Fanatical Amazon Web Services (FAWS) customers who use Rackspace Technology Identity Federation to access their accounts.

Complete the following steps to gain access to the Account Switcher feature:

  1. Contact your Customer Support Manager (CSM).

    Your CSM helps you determine if your account setup is a candidate for the Account Switcher beta.

  2. Complete the legal agreement document and attach it to a support ticket. This document requires information about the accounts you plan to link. You receive a notification after the account linking completes.

  3. Log in to the Rackspace Technology Customer Portal. Use the Account Switcher drop-down menu option to switch to delegate accounts.

    You can see ticketing information for only the account that you are currently accessing. Use the Account Switcher drop-down menu option to change to the account for which you want to view tickets.

    You always see notifications for your primary account. You do not see notifications for other principal or trusted accounts.


Support cannot verify you over the phone for linked accounts.

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