AWS Systems Manager Agent

All EC2 instances must have AWS Systems Manager Agent 2.3.672.0 or higher installed to work with Passport. Each EC2 instance must also be configured with an instance profile that allows AWS Systems Manager to perform actions on your instances. Rackspace recommends using the AmazonSSMManagedInstanceCORE managed IAM policy.

You can learn more about how AWS Systems Manager is used in the Architecture section.

Passport CLI

You must install the Passport CLI on your local workstation in order to connect to instances with Passport. Before you install the Passport CLI, make sure that you have the following dependencies installed:

Linux and MacOS

Run the following command in your terminal:

curl -sL | sudo sh -s

If you’d like to install the CLI directly rather than using the installation script, you can download the latest binary using the following links:

Once you have installed the Passport CLI, you can verify that it is installed and working correctly by running the following command:

passport --help


Download and run the installer by using the following links:

Once the AWS Systems Manager Agent and Passport CLI are install, you’re ready to start using Passport. You can learn more about how to use the Passport CLI in the CLI Usage section.