Onboarding timeline

This section describes the implementation milestones you reach during the first 30 days of working with the RAS Digital Experience team.


Implementation kickoff meeting completed

After the RAS Digital Experience team adds you to Rackspace systems, you receive a ticket that provides information about your build and implementation services and a request for times to schedule an implementation meeting.

When you meet with the RAS Digital Experience team, you discuss your project and the implementation services your receive.

Project identification and creation

The RAS Digital Experience team uses internal Rackspace project management tools, as well as our ticketing system to track your implementation. Project identification and creation is an internal milestone associated with populating Rackspace product management tools with project tasks. You don’t need to do anything to reach this milestone.

Information library data collection

Your information library data collection is another internal milestone. To reach this milestone, the RAS Digital Experience team populations an internal knowledge base with your information, such as account number, escalation contact information, build information, and so on.

Coordinate APM agent and application resets

This milestone consists of the following tickets that require your input:

  • Install agents: Work with the RAS Digital Experience team to identify the devices and applications on which to install data collection agents. It is important to ensure that the devices and applications are available and that the RAS Digital Experience team has access to them.

  • Define synthetic monitors: Provide the RAS Digital Experience team with detailed steps of the business transactions that you want to monitor. For more information about defining synthetic monitors, see Define a synthetic monitor.

  • Configure alerts: Assist the RAS Digital Experience team in defining alerts that fire when specific system events occur.

  • Create a runbook: A runbook contains procedures that the RAS Digital Experience team follows when alerts are triggered. For more information about runbooks, see Write a runbook.

Go/no-go live confirmed

Before you go live with your application monitoring solution, meet with the RAS Digital Experience team to verify the launch date, ensure that devices are monitored, and ensure that alerts are identified and properly configured.

Quality control signoff

The final milestone in the implementation process is a final quality control step that ensures that all tickets have been completed and closed.