Resolve emergency incidents

Each production environment has a monitor that constantly assesses the availability of that environment. If the environment becomes unavailable, the monitor automatically creates an Emergency ticket that notifies the Rackspace RAS engineer of the issue. We handle Emergency tickets, which are the highest level of severity, with urgency.

The Rackspace RAS engineer takes the following actions upon notification of the Emergency incident:

  • Acknowledges the alert in the Rackspace Customer Portal

  • Reviews the Account Management Guidelines and the Operations Runbook to determine how to proceed

  • Opens a call bridge and includes the appropriate personnel on your team, such as the DBA or network administrator

  • Notifies all stakeholders by using a tie-in hitch that an issue has occurred, what the issue is, if the issue is ongoing, and that Rackspace is actively troubleshooting it. The tie-in hitch mechanism ensures that all Emergency incidents get the proper review and attention.

The Emergency incident handling process is more efficient when there is an Operations Runbook that provides the RAS engineer with the procedures to follow. The runbook can help the RAS engineer determine the steps to take in a site-down scenario.