Situation tickets#

In addition to manual tickets that you and the Rackspace Technology support team generated, there are also system-generated tickets, known as situation tickets.

Rackspace Technology uses artificial intelligence to help streamline how your notifications work. In this process, an AIOps integration maps the event properties to the AIOps data fields and identifies the source event as an AIOps event. These events are grouped into a single alert called a situation. This technology collects events as raw data and uses machine learning to group them based on similarity into situation tickets.

AIOps groups events by using machine learning algorithms, based on their similarities.

Alerts can be grouped or clustered in several different ways, including:

  • by arrival time

  • by the time, text string, or description

  • by a deterministic logic set up by your administrator

AIOps also correlates with information from other systems. AIOps identifies any information that is related to the situation ticket and notifies the necessary people. AIOps also identifies and suggests for any similar historical tickets.