Rackspace Shared Management Services

Rackspace takes the security of our shared management services and the Managed Services for Google Cloud Platform Control Panel extremely seriously. All infrastructure is deployed leveraging the same set of best practices that we apply to customer projects. The following sections provide a sample of some of the key security focus areas.

Racker Authentication

All Rackspace employees must leverage two-factor authentication for all access to customer account data and customer environments.

Racker Privileges

The level of privileges each Racker has to our Managed Services for Google Cloud Platform management systems is tightly controlled based on job role and is periodically reviewed to ensure that each Racker has the minimum level of permissions required to adequately perform their job duties. All privilege changes require management approval and are also logged for later review.

Encryption at Rest

All sensitive data is encrypted at rest.

Encryption in Transit

All communication between services that make up our shared management system are encrypted during transit using SSL. Our customer and Racker UIs and APIs are only accessible via HTTPS.

Activity Logging

Stackdriver Logging allows you to view audit logs associated with admin and data access events on Google Cloud Platform.


We use a service account with the following permissions to deliver our services to you:

  • Organization: Project Creator, which allows us to create additional projects in your Organization upon your request

  • Runway Projects: browser, billing.projectManager, serviceusage.serviceUsageAdmin, and servicemanagement.admin roles. (Note that this does not give us the ability to provision or deprovision resources on your projects)

  • Aviator Projects: Owner permissions, which allow us to share full administrative control with you

GCP Security

Review Google Cloud Platform Security for more information regarding Google’s security practices.

If you have questions regarding any aspect of the security of your environment, please contact a member of your Support team.

Security Updates

Google Cloud Platform Security Bulletins are available from Google.

From time to time, Rackspace will provide additional detail or guidance to our customers for specific security incidents. We will publish such value-add security updates below.