Transferring existing AWS Master Payers and linked accounts to Rackspace

While the Rackspace Technology Customer Portal enables you to provision new AWS accounts easily, you might occasionally want to transfer an existing AWS account to Rackspace for management. We also support this, and after the transfer completes, it allows Rackspace management tooling and expertise to function with your existing AWS account.

This process involves formally assigning your AWS account to Rackspace for management, which you can initiate by submitting a request in the Rackspace Technology Customer Portal.

When submitting an AWS Master Payer, notify Rackspace to ensure a smooth transition of the AWS Master Payer and linked accounts before adding them to the portal.

Click Add AWS Account at the bottom of the AWS account list. For account source, select Use an existing AWS account not currently managed by Rackspace. Include the following required information:

  • AWS Master Payer(s) or Account Number(s)

  • Legal Company Name

  • Legal Company Address

  • Authorized Signatory Name (the individual who can legally give authorization to assign your AWS account to Rackspace)

  • Authorized Signatory Email Address

After receiving your request, we create a ticket for you with instructions your team must carry out to prepare the AWS account for the transition to Rackspace support. After your tem completes the instructions, Rackspace sends a request to AWS to review and approve the account assumption request. AWS confirms whether any custom legal or pricing terms exist that should transfer to Rackspace. Then, AWS approves the account assumption.

After those steps finish, Rackspace automatically applies several default settings to the account based on best practices we have developed in cooperation with AWS. For details, refer to the Account Defaults section of this product guide.

This process typically takes two to four weeks from start to finish. This partly depends on you because certain steps of the process require action on your part. Monitor your email and the Support Tickets section of the Rackspace Technology Customer Portal for tickets that require your action.

Note: Transferring an existing AWS account to Rackspace does not count against the limit of new AWS accounts you can provision through the Rackspace Technology Customer Portal.

Note: The transition process might disrupt the Reserved Instance and Savings Plan sharing between AWS accounts. For details, consult your Rackspace Onboarding Manager or Customer Success Manager.

Minimum account requirements

For you to transition an existing AWS account to Rackspace, it must meet our minimum account requirements, which include the following criteria:

Make sure your account meets these mandatory requirements before you transition the account to Rackspace.