Application Modernization

Forward-looking organizations understand the real promise of application modernization: delivering differentiated business value. By transforming the application environment, you gain greater efficiency, agility, scalability and interoperability. But, application modernization is more than just technology. It requires a comprehensive approach that aligns to business outcomes, examines the current IT environment, assesses the gaps and develops a customized, process-led plan. Rackspace can help you realize the benefits of application modernization and get the most out of those technologies. ​

What we do

What it means for our customers

Deep dive review of the process and technology (assess current state of applications) to identify opportunities for optimization

Business processes are redesigned first, so that any new applications will support how the organization needs to operate

Assess the application portfolio to determine which applications need to be updated, replaced, retired, or consolidated

Savings on application operating costs

Design an architecture and solution roadmap

Greater efficiency by eliminating redundant and obsolete systems and updating critical applications

Based on the solution roadmap, conduct deep application workload assessments to determine system requirements

A clear, actionable solution blueprint based on cloud expertise and ready for fast implementation


Application Portfolio Rationalization

Rackspace experts will do a deep dive review of the process and application portfolio to determine which applications need to be updated, replaced, retired or consolidated and they design a solution roadmap based on their findings. ​

Application Development

We assess the customer’s current application landscape and customize it to be cloud-ready.​

In-depth Application Analysis

Our experts deep dive into a specific application to determine the gaps in current functionality and any remediation or migration requirements. ​