Tune business transactions

Your application monitoring solution relies on you and the RAS Digital Experience team to identify the critical business transactions that you want to monitor. When you come on board as a RAS Digital Experience customer, you can choose to use either AppDynamics or New Relic as your application performance monitoring tool. Critical business transactions are the set of pages on your site that are more important than others.

For example, you might want to receive a notification when the Add to Cart page doesn’t load properly for a customer. Because this page is directly tied to revenue, it’s critical for you to know when it isn’t available. Other important pages include the Login page and the Search Results page.

For pages associated with a critical business transaction, the RAS Digital Experience team can:

  • Add custom alert thresholds that monitor page response time and error rates.

    When the defined threshold is exceeded, the RAS Digital Experience team automatically receives a ticket, and they consult the runbook for instructions on how to proceed.

  • Configure a custom dashboard that displays business transaction metrics.

  • Document runbooks that outline procedures to follow when responding to custom alerts.


To prevent alert fatigue, limit the number of monitored business transactions to 10.

As you continue to develop your application and add critical business transactions, ensure that you communicate to the RAS Digital Experience team about the changes you make.