Disable maintenance mode in Magento

You can use maintenance mode in Magento® when you need to take your site offline to perform maintenance,
updgrades, or configuration changes. This article describes how to disable maintenance mode after
you finish making your offline changes.

Disable maintenance mode

Use the following steps to disable maintenance mode:

  1. Log in to your server.

  2. Navigate to the document root that contains your Magento installation.

    Locate your domain or website by using one of the following commands:


    httpd -S | grep domainname


    apache2ctl -S | grep domainname

    Next, locate the document root:

    grep -i documentroot /path/to/vhost.conf
  3. Now locate the file called maintenance.flag.

  4. Remove the file maintenance.flag by using one of the following commmands:

    Magento 1:

    rm maintenance.flag

    Magento 2:

    rm var/.maintenance.flag