Rackspace Managed Colocation

Managed Colocation
from Rackspace is all the things you want from traditional
colocation, such as freedom and control, and none of the things you
don't, like the hassles of infrastructure management. This means you no
longer have to worry about:

  • Physical data center (procurement of facility, maintenance,
    security, cooling, and power redundancy)
  • Network infrastructure (routing, switching)
  • Hardware procurement
  • Hardware setup (racking, cabling, routing, switching)
  • Hardware maintenance and break/fix (failed hardware replacement,
    available spare inventory)
  • Vendor relations

The Rackspace Difference

When Rackspace takes care of the preceding tasks, you can focus on higher-value
activities such as market differentiation and business innovation. Think of
Managed Colocation as a Dedicated-Plus hosting solution. We set up a dedicated
hardware environment, tailored to your company's needs, in one of our nine
world-class data centers around the globe. The "plus" part is that you also gain
access to Rackspace optional services, such as
Managed Backup,
Managed Private Clouds
and Managed Storage.
We give you the necessary tools to remotely administer your environment, and you
have access to our 24x7x365 remote personnel in the data center. No more rushing
into the data center with spare parts at 2 a.m. to replace failed hardware. No
more sending out a team of technicians to your colocation facility to get a
20-device configuration racked, cabled, imaged, and ready to go.

Dedicated Support Team

With Rackspace Managed Colocation, you get a dedicated support team to assist you with your configuration 24x7x365.

  • Your dedicated Account Manager (AM) is your main point of
    contact at Rackspace. The AM knows your configuration and works
    closely with the support team to address any issues that arise.
  • Your Deployment Team is there for initial deployments as well as
    configuration changes and space planning. The Deployment Team works
    closely with the data centers to ensure that your configuration is
    racked and cabled to your specifications.
  • The Network Engineering team configures your network devices,
    offers consultation for network changes, and assists with
    troubleshooting tasks. They act as an extension of your in-house
    networking team.
  • Our Support Specialists are available to assist with support
    issues and escalation. They are available 24x7x365 to address
    technical issues.

Although traditional colocation allows you to maintain a high level of
control, it can also present a significant level of inconvenience and
responsibility. Rackspace Managed Colocation provides the OS control that you
need with the support and expertise that you want.