Manually configure iOS devices for email hosted on Exchange 2013

This article describes how to configure a Microsoft® Exchange® 2013 account on your
Apple® iOS® 14.1 device.

Note: The images in this article show iPhone® 5 running iOS 14.1. Although
screens on other iOS devices differ, the process is similar. For more modern iOS versions, refer to the Cloud Office Email Help Tool for instructions.

Your account administrator must verify that an
ActiveSync® license is attached to your account in the Cloud Control
Panel. If any Internet connectivity issues prevent you from
successfully setting up Exchange, contact your wireless provider or
Internet Service Provider (ISP).

  1. On the home screen of your device, tap Settings > Mail,
    Contacts, Calendars
    > Add Account.

  2. Tap Exchange and enter your email address, password, and an
    optional description.

  3. Tap Next and select Configure Manually.

  4. Tap on the Server field and enter Leave the Domain field blank and tap Next.

  5. Click Save.

  6. Select the services that you want to synchronize from the Exchange
    server and tap Save.

You have successfully added your Exchange email account on your iOS

If you still have issues connecting, refer to the troubleshooting information available on
the Cloud Office Email Help Tool.

Note: Depending on the mailbox size, it might take some time before
your information displays on your device.