Basic Cloud Server use Scenarios

Setting Up Websites

Users can get root access to a Cloud server and install the Apache
webserver on it and then install PHP if needed. Users can optionally add
Load Balancing and Failover capabilities to the website. Users can
reduce cost of marketing and customer facing infrastructure by using
Cloud Servers.

Maintaining Databases

A Cloud Server could be used as a database server. A user could install
MySQL,PostgreSQL, MSSQL or for that matter any database which runs on
the supported operating systems. The Cloud server can now serve as the
primary or secondary database.

Sending And Receiving Mail

A Cloud Server can be used as an email server or email client.

Developing and testing Applications

A Cloud server can cut down cost of development and test of new
applications. Development servers can be provisioned in minutes and used
only for the duration that they are needed. This cuts down hardware
procurement time as well as capital expenses. Users can also reduce the
time for setup and tear down of testing environments using the Cloud
Servers API.