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Professional Services

Rackspace Professional Services provides practical, unbiased application and hybrid cloud expertise to accelerate your IT transformation and create real business value. We offer expertise in infrastructure, application, data, security, CloudOps, DevOps, integration and process transformations.

Service Blocks

Managed Platforms

With a platform managed by Rackspace, you can use whatever cloud platform is right for your business without the challenge and expertise of managing it yourself. Whether you want to use Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, or Alibaba Cloud, Rackspace works with you to architect, migrate, secure, operate, and optimize your cloud so you can focus on your business.

Amazon Web Services

Google Cloud Platform

Rackspace Kubernetes-as-a-Service

Rackspace Kubernetes-as-a-Service (KaaS) provides a Kubernetes solution that runs on multiple enterprise-grade cloud platforms and is designed to deliver container orchestration, cluster and workloads monitoring, logging, and other managed service capabilities for both public and private clouds.


Application Services

Rackspace Application Services provides support for most major relational and NoSQL databases, digital and ecommerce applications, and Oracle or SAP ERPs. Whether you are on a Rackspace platform, a cloud platform, or in your own data center, Rackspace delivers Fanatical Experience™—the best customer service experience in the industry—to the most important applications in your business.

RAS for Databases

RAS Digital Experience Application Operations

Rackspace Identity Federation

Rackspace Identity Federation enables you to configure your corporate security and identity systems to enable your employees to use their regular company credentials to authenticate to Rackspace accounts.

Identity Federation

Cloud Services

Rackspace supports private, public, hybrid, and multi-cloud solutions. Rackspace Private Cloud powered by VMware, Red Hat, Microsoft, or OpenStack provides a single-tenant environment with dedicated or virtualized servers for maximum security, in or out of your data center. Managed VMware services offer customizable, single- tenant infrastructure and help architecting, deploying, and troubleshooting your hosted VMware environment. Rackspace Public Cloud provides a multi-tenant environment with pay-as-you-grow scalability, ideal for heavy or unpredictable traffic.

VMware Server Virtualization

Rackspace Private Cloud powered by VMware

Rackspace Managed VMware Cloud on AWS

Rackspace Server Virtualization by Microsoft Hyper-V

Rackspace Private Cloud powered by Red Hat

Rackspace Private Cloud powered by OpenStack

Rackspace Private Cloud v17
Rackspace Private Cloud v16
Rackspace Private Cloud v14
Rackspace Private Cloud v13
Rackspace Monitoring as a Service

Compute Services

Cloud Servers, powered by OpenStack, are virtual machines running Linux or Windows Server in the Rackspace Cloud. You can scale resources like CPU, memory, and storage up or down, depending on your needs. Best of all, you can pay as you go.

Cloud Servers

Cloud Images

Rackspace Colocation

Rackspace Technology Colocation allows you to secure infrastructure you own within Rackspace Technology™ data centers. This eliminates the costs associated with operating and managing a data center of your own and brings hardware within reach of global multi-cloud networks.

Rackspace Colocation

Network Services

Cloud networking services are on-demand and scalable, and provide technology-agnostic network abstraction, load balancing, and DNS management. Protect your infrastructure with Cloud Load Balancers by distributing traffic efficiently. Use Cloud DNS to manage domains and subdomains.

Cloud Networks

Cloud Load Balancers v1.0

Cloud DNS

Rackspace RackConnect

Storage and Data Services

With our storage services, you can get dependable and high-performing block storage, object storage, and backup solutions for Cloud Servers. You can scale your storage independently from your compute resources while using high-performance storage for I/O-intensive applications or to serve databases. Plus, with Cloud Files, you can store and retrieve content over a Content Delivery Network (CDN). If you want to enable CDN for your website resources beyond Cloud Files you can use the Rackspace CDN service which has finer control on caching rules, purging content, and specifying origins.

Our database platform services enable powerful applications and data analysis.

Cloud Block Storage

Cloud Backup

Cloud Files

Rackspace CDN

Cloud Databases


Redis To Go

Infrastructure & Developer Services

This collection of powerful services offers multiple utilities that work well with Rackspace Cloud resources. The Identity service is your starting point for accessing any cloud resource. Use Auto Scale to provide automatic scaling based on Cloud Monitoring information, in response to an increase or decrease of overall workload, defined by your policies. Cloud Orchestration provides templates for building entire applications that are highly available and scalable. Use Cloud Queues as a notifications service, with basic components offering the flexibility to use different messaging patterns. Mailgun provides your application access to send or receive email, either through SMTP or the Mailgun API, while verifying the domain and helping to protect email reputation.

Auto Scale

Rackspace Monitoring




Cloud Queues

Cloud Orchestration

Cloud Feeds


Customer Management Service

Software Development Kits & Tools

Rackspace provides access to our cloud services by using the Software Development Kit (SDK) of your choice. These SDKs are no longer actively supported.

CLI – Rack

Go – Gophercloud

Python – Pyrax

.NET – Rackspace.NET

Java – JClouds

PHP – PHP-Opencloud

Node.js – pkgcloud

Ruby – Fog