Manually Configure Mac Mail for Email Hosted on Exchange 2010

This article describes how to set up your Microsoft Exchange® 2010 email
account with Mac Mail®.

Note: Exchange 2010 runs only on Mac OS X version 10.6 or later. If you're
unsure about which OS X version you're running, click the Apple icon located
in the top-left corner and select About This Mac.

  1. Open Mac Mail.

  2. Select Mail > Preferences > Accounts.

  3. Click the plus (+) symbol > Exchange > Continue.

  4. Fill the information for Name, Email Address and Password, and press Continue.

    • If your Autodiscover CNAME record is set up, Mac Mail
      automatically pulls the correct server settings for you. Skip to Step 6.
    • If the Autodiscover CNAME record is not set up, you can set up the
      account manually. Continue to Step 5.
  5. Enter the following information and click Continue:

    • Description - Enter a descriptive name for your mail account (for
      example, Work Mail).
    • User Name - Enter your entire email address (for example,
      [email protected]).
    • Password - Enter the password associated with the email account you
      are setting up.
    • Server Address - Enter
  6. Confirm the settings and click Continue.

  7. Choose the options that you want to enable and click Done.

Your Microsoft Exchange 2010 email account is now set up with Mac Mail.