Currency methods

Use the following currency API operation to retrieve information about supported currencies.

GET /v2/currencies

Gets information on supported monetary currencies.

This operation retrieves a list of supported monetary currencies.


The request has the following URI and header parameters.

X-Auth-TokenHeader string (Required)A valid authentication token.
Content-typeHeader stringValue: application/json.
AcceptHeader stringValue: application/json.
{limit}StringThe maximum number of items to return. This value should be 100 or less. The default value is 100.
{marker}StringThe starting point for the return data. This parameter is used to control pagination.

This operation does not accept a request body.

Example request: header

The following example shows the header information.

X-Auth-Token: f064c46a782c444cb4ba4b6434288f7c
Content-Type: application/json
Accept: application/json


The response has the following body parameters.

currenciesObjectAn info block that contains details about supported currencies.
currencies.currencyArrayAn info block that contains details about currencies.
currencies.currency.codeStringUSD: United States Dollar
GBP: British Pound Sterling
AUD: Australian Dollar
EUR: Euro
currencies.currency.descriptionStringThe description of the currency.
currencies.currency.symbolStringThe symbol for the currency.
currencies.currency.subDivisionStringThe subdivision of the currency.
currencies.linkStringAn info block that contains details about the links for the results. URL for a set of results. relationship between the current information and the linked information.

Example response

The following example shows the response for the request.

Status Code: 200 OK
 Content-Length: 4543
 Content-Type: application/json
 Date: Wed, 03 Dec 2014 17:13:30 GMT
 Server: Jetty(8.0.y.z-SNAPSHOT)
 Via: 1.1 Repose (Repose/2.12)
 x-compute-request-id: req-7b7ffed2-9b1f-46a8-a478-315518d35387

   "currencies": {
       "currency": [
               "code": "USD",
               "description": "US Dollar",
               "symbol": "\\u0024",
               "subDivision": "cents"
               "code": "GBP",
               "description": "Pound Sterling",
               "symbol": "\\u00A3",
               "subDivision": "pence"
               "code": "AUD",
               "description": "Australian Dollar",
               "symbol": "\\u0041\\u0024",
               "subDivision": "cents"
               "code": "EUR",
               "description": "Euro",
               "symbol": "\\u20AC",
               "subDivision": "cents"
               "code": "HKD",
               "description": "Hong Kong Dollar",
               "symbol": "\\u0048\\u004B\\u0024",
               "subDivision": "cents"
               "code": "CNY",
               "description": "Renminbi",
               "symbol": "\\u00A5",
               "subDivision": "jiao"
               "code": "RUB",
               "description": "Russian Ruble",
               "symbol": "\\u20BD",
               "subDivision": "kopecs"
               "code": "SGD",
               "description": "Singapore Dollar",
               "symbol": "\\u0053\\u0024",
               "subDivision": "cents"
       "link": []

Response codes

This operation can have the following response codes.

200SuccessThe request succeeded.
400ErrorA general error has occurred.
404Not FoundThe requested resource is not found.
405Method Not AllowedThe method received in the request line is known by the origin server but is not supported by the target resource.
406Not AcceptableThe value in the Accept header is not supported.
500API FaultThe server encountered an unexpected condition that prevented it from fulfilling the request.