Service access endpoints

The Offer service API can be accessed at


The Offer service API uses a URI versioning scheme. The first element of the URI path contains the target version identifier: for example, in the URL, the API version is 2.

All requests except for queries for the contract version must contain a target version. Any feature or functionality change that would necessitate a break in API compatibility will require a new version, which results in the URI version being updated accordingly. When new API versions are released, older versions will be marked as deprecated. Rackspace will work with developers and partners to ensure that there is adequate time to migrate to the new version before deprecated versions are discontinued.


Note: At this time, only version 2 of the Offer service API is publicly available.

Example request with URI versioning

GET /v2/offerings HTTP/1.1
Accept: application/json
X_AUTH_TOKEN: ab48a9efdfedb23ty3494