Detailed invoices overview

Detailed invoices give you access to an itemized, per-service, per-device overview of your billing charges.

Open a detailed invoice

  1. Log in to the Cloud Control Panel.

  2. In the upper-right corner of the page, click your user name and then select Billing Overview.

    You are redirected to the Rackspace Billing portal.

  3. In the top navigation bar, click Billing History, and then click Invoice Details.

You can change the billing period by selecting the bill date from the drop down menu in the left navigation bar. If you have multiple invoices, you can choose which invoice details to view by selecting the invoice ID in the left navigation bar.

You can also download a PDF or .csv of your detailed invoice.

Detailed invoice features

Detailed invoices are formatted similarly to regular invoices, with
one exception. Each service (for example, Cloud Servers) has a
collapsible list of detailed line items. Detailed line items show the
devices that use the service, indicated by the name given to the device
when it was created.

To expand the list, click the arrow next to the service. To see a list of devices that use the service, click the arrow next to Devices.

When the list of devices is expanded, each device contains at least two
lines. The first line indicates the total charges for the device. Any
line under the first indicates an itemized price based on how the device
was used.

Note: Although their format is similar, detailed invoices are
displayed differently than the CSV format of invoices. The CSV format
lists detailed line items specific to the service, even if that item
is not device specific. If you cannot find a detailed line item
associated with a service that was listed in the CSV format, look under
Account in your detailed invoice.