Request and response types

The Rackspace Ticketing API supports the JSON data serialization format.

The request format and resource version are specified by using the Content-Type header and are required for operations that have a request body. If application/json is provided, the latest resource version is used. To avoid unintentional interruptions with your integration, Rackspace recommends specifying a specific version header rather than relying on application/json, as version updates result in your immediate adoption of the latest version.

You can specify the response format and resource version in requests by using the Accept header. If no response format is specified, JSON is the default and the latest version is used.

FormatAccept headerResource VersionDefault
JSONapplication/jsonVersion 2Yes
JSONapplication/vnd.ticketing.v2+jsonVersion 2No
JSONapplication/vnd.ticketing.v1+jsonVersion 1No

Response formats