Common Headers

Common headers

The following table describes the common headers used by the API.

Table: Common headers

X-Auth-Token -Authentication token. Required.

X-Project-Id -A unique ID for the user to which the value of X-Auth-Token grants access. The unique ID is your account ID.

Accept - Media type. Initially, only application/json is supported.

Accept-Encoding - Specifies that the agent accepts gzip-encoded response bodies

Client-ID - A unique ID for each client instance. The Client-ID is used to avoid echoing a sender’s messages back to the same instance, and it can be logged by the server for future use. The client generates the Client-ID once, and it persists between restarts of the client. The client should reuse the same Client-ID. Note: All message-related operations require that Client-ID is included in the headers to ensure that messages are not echoed back to the client that posted them, unless the client explicitly requests this.

Content-Length - For POST or PUT requests, the length in bytes of the message document being submitted

Content-Type - application/json

Date - Current date and time

Host - Host name of the API