The fault objects in this section describe possible API operation errors. All fault objects extend from the base fault, serviceFault, for easier exception handling for languages that support it.


Whenever an error occurs, the Billing service returns a fault object containing an HTTP error response code that denotes the type of error.

The response body contains either code or referenceCode depending on the point of failure. The error message might also include optional details, showing more information about the error. The message might be inside the details field.


The badRequest fault indicates that something should be changed in the request, and the response has details about failure.

Response Code: 400

Example: badRequest fault response

    "badRequest": {
        "referenceCode": "bc568dd7-54c2-4811-b535-105cf70cc159",
        "details": [
            "faultCode": "INVALID_ARGUMENT",
            "resourceName": "Get Billng Summary",
            "resourceProperty": "Billing Summary",
            "message": "Invalid type."


The notFound fault is returned when a requested resource is not found.

Response Code: 404

Example: notFound fault response

    "notFound": {
        "message": "Account not Found",
        "referenceCode": "4440ba39-d2cf-4085-9b95-a3a4faca8825"


The unauthorized fault is returned when you are not authorized to perform an attempted operation.

Response Code: 401

Example: unauthorized fault response

    "Error": {
       "code": 401,
       "message": "Unauthorized"


The notAcceptable fault is a text message that is returned when a requested resource is not acceptable.

Response Code: 406

Example: notAcceptable fault response

Accept Type not Supported


The methodNotAllowed fault is returned when a requested method is not found or is not allowed.

Response Code: 405

Example: methodNotAllowed fault response

    "Error": {
        "code": 405,
        "message": "Method Not Allowed"