Cloud Feeds concepts

Cloud Feeds uses AtomPub to publish different types of feeds. Feeds are composed of a number of items called entries. Each entry has an
extensible set of attached metadata.

AtomPub together with the Atom Syndication Format (ASF) provides a format for implementing web feeds. Web feeds provide users with frequently updated content. AtomPub is based on an HTTP transfer of Atom-formatted representations. The Atom format is documented in the Atom Syndication Format.

Cloud Feeds is an open-source AtomPub server for accessing, processing, and aggregating Atom entries. Cloud Feeds was designed to make it easy to build both generalized and specialized persistence mechanisms for Atom XML data, based on the Atom Syndication Format and the Atom Publishing Protocol.

Cloud Feeds works the following way:

  1. Events are generated by a publisher and added to the database as
    entries. Events can be usage events, system events or billing
  2. Entries exist in Cloud Feeds for three days. After that time period
    they are deleted.

To read the official documentation for the Atom Syndication Format, see RFC 4287. For more information about AtomPub, click here.