Suppression logs

The monitoring service maintains a record of alarms that are suppressed during the time that a suppression is active. Suppression logs are accessible as a Time Series Collection. By default the API queries the last 7 days of suppression log information.

Use the following suppression logs API operations to create, view, update, and manage suppression logs.

List suppression logs

GET /suppression_logs

Lists suppression logs for this account.


When a suppression log is written, the corresponding alarm changelog will be updated. Though no notification will be sent, the notification history will be updated to include a message saying that the notification was suppressed.

The following table shows the possible response codes for this operation:

Response CodeNameDescription
200OKRequest completed.
401UnauthorizedThe system received a request from a user that is not authenticated.
403ForbiddenThe system received a request that the user is not authorized to make.
500Internal Server ErrorAn unexpected condition was encountered.
503Service UnavailableThe system is experiencing heavy load or another system failure.


The following table shows the header parameters for the request:

X-Auth-TokenString (Required)A valid authentication token with administrative access. For details, see Get your credentials


This operation does not accept a request body.


Example List suppression logs: JSON response

"values": [
"id": '5a628ca0-8ca4-11e3-811c-fb1e1c039d36',
"entity_id": 'enXXXXX',
"alarm_id": 'alXXXXX',
"check_id": 'chXXXXX',
"notification_plan_id": 'npXXXXX',
"suppressions": [
"state": 'OK',
"timestamp": '1391412327018',
"transaction_id": '.rh-Skiy.h-ord1-maas-stage-api1.r-zzTqFcaG.c-1553.ts-1391108878406.v-65f8f6c'
"metadata": {
"count": 1,
"limit": null,
"marker": null,
"next_marker": null,
"next_href": null