Add a node to a device

Use this operation to add a node to a specified device.

When adding a node to a device, the following fields are required: label, ip, port, admin_state, health_strategy, and vendor_extensions.

POST /{device_id}/nodes

Request body

  "account_number": "<Account Number> ",
  "label": "<Node Label> (required)",
  "description": "<description>",
  "ip": "<ip> (required)",
  "port": "<port> (required)",
  "admin_state": "<enabled|disabled> (required)",
  "health_strategy": "<health_strategy JSON Object> (required)",
  "vendor_extensions": "<vendor_extension JSON object> (required)",
  "comment": "comment"

202 Response

The request has been accepted for processing.

    "status": 202,
    "timestamp": "2020-11-02 08:19:48.702127",
    "@type": "Event",
    "message": "Processing",
    "@ref": "{tenant-id}/loadbalancers/{device-id}/events/{event-id(str)}",
    "id": "{event-id(str)}"