Service access/endpoints

The Rackspace Cloud Feeds service is a regionalized service. The user can choose the Cloud Feeds endpoint in a specific region to coordinate the appropriate replication, caching, and overall maintenance of Cloud Feeds data across regional boundaries to other Cloud Feeds servers.



  • For more information about regions, see the About regions article in the Rackspace How To collection.
  • The Identity service catalog returned in response to a successful authentication request includes a link to the Cloud Feeds service catalog. The Cloud Feeds service catalog lists all available feeds.

Regionalized service endpoints

Chicago (ORD)

Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW)

Northern Virginia

London (LON)

Sydney (SYD)

Hong Kong (HKG)



  • Choose the endpoint for the data center where your cloud resources are located.
  • The cloud server that you use must be located in the same data center where your database resides.
  • All examples in this guide assume that you are operating against the DFW data center. If you are using a different datacenter, be sure to use the associated endpoint from the table instead.
  • The endpoints provided in this sections are the base URL for accessing Cloud Feeds. To access actual feeds, you need to provide additional information.