Rate Limit

All accounts, by default, have a preconfigured set of thresholds, or limits, to manage capacity and prevent abuse of the system. For example, our Ticketing API makes use of rate limits, which are thresholds that are reset after a certain period of time passes. These rate limits are processed by using our Repose service.

Rate limits are specified in both a human-readable wildcard URI and a machine-processable regular expression. The regular expression boundary matcher ^ takes effect after the root URI path. For example, the regular expression ^/tickets/12345 would match the /tickets/12345 portion of the following URI:


MethodURIDefault limit
GET/categories60 per minute
GET/tickets60 per minute
POST/tickets60 per minute (Max 5 tickets per minute)
GET/tickets/{ticket_id}60 per minute
PATCH/tickets/{ticket_id}60 per minute (Max 10 ticket updates per minute)

Rate limits are applied in the order relative to the method, going from least to most specific. If you exceed the limits established for your account, a 429 (Too Many Requests) HTTP response is returned with a Retry-After header to notify the client when it can attempt to try again.