The user is validated against Rackspace’s internal permission systems when the create and update API calls are made and when the user associates a resource to the ticket.

Rackspace cannot prevent an unauthorized user from viewing a synchronized ticket within the user’s ticketing system. Controlling tickets read in the synchronized ticketing system is the sole responsibility of the user.

Optionally, a user’s permission to create, edit, or associate a ticket to a resource can be enforced by the user’s ticketing and permission systems for a better user experience.



Rackspace has two permissions systems. One supports our dedicated product offerings and another supports all other product offerings.

Dedicated permissions

If a user wants to create or update a ticket under a particular dedicated account, the authenticated user needs either the Account Administrator or Edit Account Tickets permission on that account.

If the user also wants to attach resources or update a ticket with resources currently attached, they need Edit privileges on at least one of those resources.

All existing permissions can be viewed and edited within the portal.