Use the accounts API operation to get a list of accounts available to the authenticated user.

Get accounts

GET /accounts
Accept: application/vnd.ticketing.v2+json

During ticket creation, an account ID is required. This endpoint can be used to fetch all accounts that the authenticated user has permissions to view or create tickets in.

Request parameters

This operation does not accept a request body.

Response parameters

The response has the following body parameters in the accounts list.

nameStringThe name of the account.
idStringThe ID of the account. Accounts are comprised of a type prefix and account ID, with the exception of cloud accounts such as Cloud: 12345 or Managed Hosting: dedicated:12345.
RCNStringThe Rackspace Customer Number of the account.
serviceLevelStringThe service level of the account, if applicable.
severitiesListThe severities that the account is allowed to set during ticket creation.
typeObjectThe type of the account.
type.idStringThe common identifier of the account product type.
type.nameStringThe common name of the account product type.
permissionStringThe permissions the user has on the account, contains either admin or observer.
tagsListThese tags will represent product offerings consumed by the account. For example, our Professional Services or Platform Intelligence services.
npsOptOutBoolThis flag indicates if an account has opted out of our NPS survey while closing a ticket in the portal. This has no impact on integration functionality.

Response example

The following example shows the JSON response for the request:

    "accounts": [
            "name": "Faws Account",
            "id": "faws:12345",
            "rcn": "RCN-000-000-000",
            "serviceLevel": "Aviator",
            "severities": [
            "type": {
                "id": "faws",
                "name": "AWS"
            "permission": "admin",
            "tags": [
            "npsOptOut": false
            "name": "Cloud Account",
            "id": "12345",
            "rcn": "RCN-000-000-000",
            "serviceLevel": "",
            "severities": [
            "type": {
                "id": "cloud",
                "name": "Rackspace Cloud"
            "permission": "observer",
            "tags": [],
            "npsOptOut": false

Response codes

The following table shows the possible response codes for this operation:

200SuccessThe request succeeded.
429Too Many RequestsThe application has a built-in rate limit of 60 requests per minute. If you exceed this limit, you receive a 429 status code response until the cool off period has elapsed.