Response codes

Response codes

Rackspace Metrics returns an HTTP code that denotes the type of response.

  • Successful response codes are returned only if all configured providers were successful in processing the request.
  • Error response codes are accompanied by an application/json response body that contains the error messages.

The following table lists possible responses with their associated codes and descriptions.

Table: List of response codes

OK - 200 - The request has succeeded. (Some API calls might return 201 instead.)

Accepted - 202 The request has been accepted for processing.

Multi-Status - 207 - The request contains multiple response statuses.

Bad request - 400 - The format of the request is invalid.

Unsupported Media Type - 415 - Either Content-Type or Accept header contains media type that is not supported.

Unauthorized - 401 Unauthorized access to the service

Internal Server Error - 500 -The system encountered an unexpected condition.

serviceUnavailable - 503 - The service is currently unavailable. For example, it might be down for scheduled platform maintenance. Try again later.

Example: Error message example

HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request
Content-Type: application/json

"title": "Unsupported limit",
"description": "The given limit cannot be negative, and cannot be greater than 50.",
"code": 1092,
"link": {
"rel": "help",
"href": "",
"text": "API documentation for the limit parameter"