Get your credentials

To communicate with the Rackspace Billing service by using the REST API, you need your Rackspace account username, API key, and billing account number.


In the API service documentation, the billing account number is referred to as ran or RAN.

To get this information:

  1. For Rackspace cloud, log in to the Rackspace Cloud Control Panel.
  2. For Dedicated hosting , log in to MyRackspace Portal.
  • Your account username is the username that you use to log in.
  • To get your account number, click the BILLING tab and navigate to BILLING SETTINGS. The billing account numbers are available at the bottom of the page in Invoiced Accounts section. ex : 020-XXXX, 021-XXXX, 030-XXXXXX
  • If you have access to only child accounts and need to find your account number, go to the BILLING SETTINGS tab and see the list of accounts in the VIEWING section. You cannot access greyed out accounts.
  • To get your API key, follow the instructions in View and reset your API key.
  • If your API key is not available on the portal, contact your Account Manager.



Protect your API key. Do not expose the value in code samples, screen captures, or insecure client-server communications. Also, ensure that the value is not included in source code that is stored in public repositories.