Service access endpoints

Service access endpoints

Rackspace Metrics has two global endpoints. Data is replicated to all data centers. The global endpoints are shown in the following table.

Table: Service access endpoints



This endpoint is used to send metrics data to the database.

This endpoint is used to retrieve metrics data from the database.

Replace the sample account ID number, 1234, with your actual account number that is returned as part of the authentication response. The account number is located after the final slash (/) in the publicURL field.

The service catalog returned in the authentication response specifies the correct service access endpoint for your account to use for accessing Rackspace Metrics API. Use the service type (rax:cloudmetrics) to locate the correct endpoint in the service catalog. For an example of the service catalog, see authentication response examples.


The account ID from the Identity service is the same as the project ID given in the X-Project-Id header in Rackspace Cloud Metrics. In the Rackspace Cloud API services and documentation, the account ID is also referred to as the project ID and tenant ID.