Agent Targets

Each agent check type gathers data for a related set of targets on the server. The targets are usually a device (network interface, drive, partition, etc). For example, gathers data for network devices; however, the actual list of target devices is specific to the configuration of the host server. By focusing on specific targets, you can efficiently narrow the metric data the agent gathers.

For information about agent check types, see Available check types and fields.

List agent check targets

GET /entities/{entityId}/agent/check_types/{agentCheckType}/targets

Lists agent check targets for this entity.

The targets endpoint is used retrieve a set of targets available to the specified agent regarding the specified check type.

Agent check types can gather data for a related set of target devices on the server where the agent is installed. Not every check type has a configurable target; currently supported check types with targets are agent.filesystem, agent.disk,, and agent.plugin.

  • Targets returned for are the network interfaces accessible to the agent.
  • Targets returned for agent.filesystem list the mounted filesystems accessible by the agent.
  • Targets returned for agent.disk are the disks accessible to the agent.
  • Targets returned for agent.plugin are the plugins installed for use with the agent. These plugins are files in the agent’s plugin directory only, no subdirectories are enumerated or listed. NOTE: On Unix-like systems the plugins returned must have execute bits set.

The following table shows the possible response codes for this operation:

Response CodeNameDescription
200OKThe request completed.
400Bad requestThe system received an invalid value in a request.
401UnauthorizedThe system received a request from a user that is not authenticated.
403ForbiddenThe system received a request that the user is not authorized to make.
500Internal Server ErrorAn unexpected condition was encountered.
503Service UnavailableThe system is experiencing heavy load or another system failure.


The following table shows the header parameters for the request:

X-Auth-TokenString (Required)A valid authentication token with administrative access. For details, see Get your credentials


This operation does not accept a request body.


Example List agent.filesystem check targets: JSON response

"values": [
"id": "/",
"label": "/"
"id": "/proc",
"label": "/proc"
"id": "/sys",
"label": "/sys"
"id": "/sys/fs/fuse/connections",
"label": "/sys/fs/fuse/connections"
"id": "/sys/kernel/debug",
"label": "/sys/kernel/debug"
"id": "/sys/kernel/security",
"label": "/sys/kernel/security"
"id": "/dev",
"label": "/dev"
"id": "/dev/pts",
"label": "/dev/pts"
"metadata": {
"count": 14,
"limit": null,
"marker": null,
"next_marker": null,
"next_href": null