Service access endpoints

The Rackspace Cloud DNS API service is not a regionalized service. Therefore, the service is responsible for appropriate replication, caching, and overall maintenance of DNS data across regional boundaries to other DNS servers.

Use the following service access endpoint to access the Rackspace Cloud DNS service. Replace the $TENANT_ID variable with your Rackspace Cloud account number (for example, 123456).


You can find your account number after the final slash(/) in the publicURL field found in the service catalog that isreturned in the authentication response. For an example of the service catalog, see the authentication response example.

The service catalog returned in the authentication response specifies the correct service access endpoint for your account to use for accessing Rackspace Cloud DNS. Use the service type (managedDNS) to locate the correct endpoint in the service catalog. For an example of the service catalog, see authentication response examples.