Before you can start integrating, you first need to complete the onboarding process. Contact your Rackspace Account Manager to help you with the following tasks:

  • To synchronize events from Rackspace systems, you need a user that can authenticate to the Rackspace ticketing event feed. Anyone with administrative privileges on your account can create this user, or you can ask your Account Manager to help with the creation process.
  • Provide your Account Manager with a list of account IDs that need to communicate with the API and ticketing feed.
  • Adding ticketing endpoint to the service catalog.

Rackspace provides customers the following ways to view their ticket events:

If you are using webhooks, then the Account Manager helps you to:

  • Populate the events to your webhook URL by using an optional secret key you provide

If you are using the cloud feed for ticket event integration, then the Account Manager helps you to:

  • Enable the cloud feed observer role
  • Publish cloud feed events to customers.


After we grant your accounts access to the Rackspace demo environment, you can begin writing your integration. To avoid unintended interruptions to your support experience, Rackspace recommends that you conduct development activities in our demo environment. After you have tested your integration, you can ask your Account Manager to enable production access.

At a high level, you are using two Rackspace services as complementary components in your integration. The Ticketing API provides a mechanism to submit your ticket to create and update events with Rackspace. You can leverage the Rackspace ticketing event feed to consume any ticketing events that occur within your account. This process ensures that your applications stay informed of any new service requests, as well as any updates to existing requests.