Faults (dlbv3)

When an error occurs, the Dedicated Load Balancer API returns a fault object that contains an HTTP error response code denoting the error type. In the body of the response, the system returns additional information about the fault.

The following table lists possible fault types with their associated error codes and descriptions:

Fault typeAssociated error codeDescription
Bad Request400The user-provided request contained an error.
Unauthorized401The supplied token is not authorized to access the resources. The token is either expired or invalid.
Forbidden403The request is for something forbidden. Authorization cannot help.
Not Found404The back-end services did not find anything matching the request URI.
Conflict409The requested resource cannot currently be operated on.
Internal Server Error500The server encountered an unexpected condition that prevented it from fulfilling the request.
Not implemented501Retrieving a specific monitor is not implemented.
Not extended510An unexpected error occurred
Locked423The device is locked. For detailed info -> Enhancements in V3 for multiple requests on a device