When an error occurs the system returns an HTTP error response code denoting the type of error and additional information in the fault response body.

API operations that return an error return one of the fault objects described in this section. All fault objects extend from the base fault, serviceFault, for easier exception handling for languages that support it.

The following table lists possible error types with their associated error codes and descriptions.

Error typeError codeDescription
badRequest400The system received an invalid value in a request
requiredNotFoundError400A required related object is not found in the system.
invalidLimit400Invalid limit has been specified.
childrenExistError400The system cannot perform the requested operation due to remaining child,objects. Details attribute also contains a type field which specified a type of the existing child object.
alarmParseError400Alarm criteria cannot be parsed. Details attribute also contains the following fields: input, error_position, error_line, error_column, error_token, message.
invalidKeyPrefix400Provided key prefix is invalid.
agentNotConnected400Agent Not Connected
agentDoesNotExist400Agent does not exist.
limitReached400Limit has been reached. Please contact [email protected] to increase our limit.
rateLimitReached429Rate limit has been reached. Please wait before trying again.
indexCardinalityConstraintViolation400A resource with the specified index already exists in the system.
unauthorizedError401The system received a request from a user that is not authenticated.
forbiddenError403The system received a request that the user is forbidden to make.
missingCapabilitiesError403The system received a request that the user is not authorized to make.
notFoundError404The URL requested is not found in the system.
parentNotFoundError404The parent node requested is not found in the system.
checkDoesNotSupportTargets400The check type does not support targets.
requestTimeout500The system has timed out. Please attempt the request again.
requestTooLargeError413The response body is too large.
internalError500The system suffered an internal failure.
notImplementedError501The request is for a feature that has not yet been implemented.
systemFailureError503The system is experiencing heavy load or another system failure.

All error responses have the following elements:

  • The code element shows the HTTP error code.
  • The type element shows the type of error.
  • The request_id helps API operators debug the request in a support ticket, if necessary.
  • The message field, when present, informs the user of the exact problem that the API detected.
    The following examples show the XML and JSON response body for a 404 notFoundError:
    Example: XML Not Found Fault notFoundError404Item not found.
    Error Details...

    Example: JSON Not Found Fault
    "type": "notFoundError",
    "code": "404",
    "message": "Item not found.",
    "details": "Error Details..."