Date and time format (dlbv3)

For the display and consumption of date and time values, the Dedicated Load Balancer API uses a date format that complies with ISO 8601.

The system time is expressed as UTC.

Example: Dedicated Load Balancer service date and time format


For example, May 19, 2013 at 8:07:08 a.m., UTC-5 would have the following format:

2013-05-19T08:07:08 -0500

The following table describes the date and time format codes.

Explanation of date and time format codes

yyyyFour-digit year
MMTwo-digit month
ddTwo-digit day of the month
TSeparator for the date and time
HHTwo-digit hour of the day (00-23)
mmTwo-digit minutes of the hour
ssTwo-digit seconds of the minute
SSSThree-digit milliseconds of the second
ZRFC 822 timezone