The following table provide details on billing terms.

ElementsDescriptionSample values
offeringCodeUsed to indicate the offering for which the charges apply. Actual values followed by an explanation are presented.Sample offering codes are:
DBAAS - Cloud Databases
MAAS - Cloud Monitoring
CBS - Cloud Block Storage
CBCKUP - Cloud Backup
_ CFILES - Cloud Files
chargeTypeUsed to indicate the type of charge. The supported chargeTypes vary with each offeringCode.Sample charge types are:
UPTIME - Instance usage
STORAGE - Storage usage
NUM_CHKS_HRS - Number of checks per hour
STORAGE_BKUPS - Hourly storage usage for backups
itemTypeType of the invoice item.Sample item types are:
methodIdUnique identifier referring to the method of payment.Example: d35d7160-c3f0-11e2-8b8b-0800200c9a66
methodTypeType of payment method which is used to make the payment.Payment method types:
paymentTermsConditions under which Rackspace completes a sale.Sample payment terms are:
NET_30 - 30 days payment term
NET_45 - 45 days payment term
unitOfMeasureUsed to indicate the unitOfMeasure that is applicable to the returned quantity. Actual values followed by an explanation are presented.Sample unit of measures are:
HRS - Hours
MINUTES - Minutes
NO_OF_DAYS - Number of days
GB - GigaBytes
MB - MegaBytes
COUNT - Count
GB_HRS - GigaByte hours
CHKS_HRS - Checks hours
amountDueThe amount due for the billing period when the invoice gets generated.Example: 1500.25
pastDueThe past balance due from the previous month for an invoice.Example: 10.5
currentBalanceThe total balance due for the current billing period including the past due balance.Example: 1510.75
monthlyRecurringRevenueThe average of the last three bills, provided as a guideline for customer expectations (but not an actual bill).Example: 1510.75