Most of the REST requests against this API require the inclusion of a
specific authorization token, supplied by the X-Auth-Token HTTP header.
You may obtain this token by using the Identity Service and supplying
valid credentials. For more information about obtaining an authorization
token, refer to

The Identity Service is a RESTful web service. It is the entry point to
all Rackspace Cloud APIs.

Most calls made against this API require the addition of an
authorization header in the request. The authorization header can be
retrieved by authenticating as a valid user in the global authentication
application at

Here is an example of a request:

GET /v1/customer_accounts/CLOUD/12345 HTTP/1.1
Accept: application/xml
X-Auth-Token: 3c04f8a5-b730-471f-905f-5e00fa24824c

For more information, see
Authenticate to the Rackspace Cloud.