RackConnect network device comparison

Applies to: RackConnect v3.0 and RackConnect v2.0

The following tables provide a detailed comparison of the network devices available for use with your RackConnect (RC) configuration.

Note: NetScaler, Firepowers, and ASA devices from the moonshine project
are not available for use.

RackConnect network device comparison

DeviceLoad Balancer PoolsMaximum concurrent connectionsMaximum SSL TPS1Maximum Concurrent SSL ConnectionsStateful Firewall2VPN TunnelingHigh Availability Option
ASA 5505 Sec+No25,000--YesYesYes
ASA 5508-XNo100,000--YesYesYes
ASA 5510 Sec+No130,000--YesYesYes
ASA 5520No280,000--YesYesYes
ASA 5540No400,000--YesYesYes
ASA 5550No650,000--YesYesYes
ASA 5515-XNo250,000--YesYesYes
ASA 5525-XNo500,000--YesYesYes
ASA 5545-XNo750,000--YesYesYes
ASA 5555-XNo1 million--YesYesYes
Juniper SRX 340No256,000--YesYesYes
Juniper SRX 1500No2 million--YesYesYes
Brocade ADX 1000Yes4 - 8 million7,250 - 14,50064,000Yes (but not supported as a firewall)NoYes
F5 1600Yes1 million5,0001 millionNoNoYes
F5 3600Yes8 million10,0001 millionNoNoYes

1 A license upgrade might be required to reach Maximum SSL TPS.

2 We recommend using a Cisco ASA as the RackConnect edge device type.

RackConnect specific overview

DeviceMaximum RC cloud servers1RC network device config optionsRackConnect v2.0 compatibleRackConnect v3.0 compatibleMaximum throughput2
ASA 5505 Sec+5Edge or Edge+ConnectedYesYes150 Mbps
ASA 550850+Edge or Edge+ConnectedYesYes500 Mbps
ASA 5510 Sec+25Edge or Edge+ConnectedYesYes300 Mbps
ASA 552050Edge or Edge+ConnectedYesYes450 Mbps
ASA 554080Edge or Edge+ConnectedYesYes650 Mbps
ASA 5550100+Edge or Edge+ConnectedYesYes1 Gbps
ASA 5515-X50Edge or Edge+ConnectedYesYes1.2 Gbps
ASA 5525-X100+Edge or Edge+ConnectedYesYes2 Gbps
ASA 5545-X100+Edge or Edge+ConnectedYesYes3 Gbps
ASA 5555-X100+Edge or Edge+ConnectedYesYes4 Gbps
Juniper SRX 340100+Edge or Edge+ConnectedNoYes1 Gbps
Juniper SRX 1500100+Edge or Edge+ConnectedNoYes5 Gbps
Brocade ADX 1000100+Connected onlyNo (not in RackConnect edge or connected device roles)Yes2-9 Gbps
F5 1600100+Connected or Edge+ConnectedYesYesIn: 500 Mbps
Out: 500 Mbps
F5 3600100+Connected or Edge+ConnectedYesYesIn: 1 Gbps
Out: 1 Gbps

1 Maximum cloud server guidelines are based on internal testing. Actual results might vary by production load and edge device type.

2 RackConnect throughput is limited by RackConnect switching infrastructure connectivity at a theoretical maximum of 1 Gbps.