Log in to the Rackspace Intelligence dashboard

To use Rackspace Intelligence, you must have a Rackspace Cloud
and log in to
the Cloud Control Panel for that
account. Rackspace Intelligence has no separate login process.

Use Cloud Control Panel to access Rackspace Intelligence

  1. Go to the Rackspace Intelligence user interface
    at https://intelligence.rackspace.com.

    If you haven't already logged in, Rackspace Intelligence redirects you to the
    Cloud Control Panel login.

  2. At the Cloud Control Panel login page, log in as usual. If your
    account requires it, you might need to perform additional steps to
    log in with multifactor authentication.

See different aspects of the same entities in Cloud Control Panel and Rackspace Intelligence

After you log in, the Rackspace Intelligence user interface can
display information about some of the same entities you can see in
the Cloud Control Panel. For example, if you use the Cloud Control Panel
to create a cloud server, you can then use the Rackspace Intelligence
interface to visualize the status of that server.