Showing metadata

To view the metadata on a cloud server, use the nova show command with the appropriate server ID, as shown in the following example:

$ nova show 191ecc6d-a4aa-4cdd-979f-536c55857c90

| Property | Value                                                                        |
| created  | 2014-11-18T22:02:06Z                                                         |
| flavor   | 1 GB General Purpose v1 (general1-1)                                         |
| hostId   | a9ebad0b0650501b632c44790b5444eeeff7e824101d13c087815b37                     |
| id       | 191ecc6d-a4aa-4cdd-979f-536c55857c90                                         |
| image    | Ubuntu 14.10 (Utopic Unicorn) (PVHVM) (0766e5df-d60a-4100-ae8c-07f27ec0148f) |
| metadata | {"useful-key": "useful-value"}                                               |
| name     | My Server                                                                    |
| status   | ACTIVE                                                                       |

The metadata property shows user-defined metadata associated with this server. Setting and updating metadata shows how you can create or delete metadata.

Some metadata are set by Rackspace and not available to be changed by the user. Generally these metadata are used by automation and orchestration systems needed to correctly build and maintain your server.

The metadata that are attached to your server are also stored if you create a snapshot or image from the server, and are restored when a server is built from that image. The key names are prefixed with instance_.