Flavor classes for OnMetal cloud servers

To create your server as an OnMetal™ server, open the OnMetal™ Server tab on the Create Server page of the Cloud Control Panel.

Click the OnMetal Server tab to begin creating an OnMetal server.

Click the OnMetal Server tab to begin creating an OnMetal server.

You can choose OnMetal™ Server flavor classes optimized for I/O, memory, or compute resources:

  • OnMetal I/O is optimized for large relational databases, noSQL data stores,and Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) applications.

    OnMetal I/O servers are designed to support low-latency and extreme throughput to local storage, using a pair of the fastest PCIe flash cards available.

  • OnMetal Memory is optimized for large-scale caches, index searches, and in-memory analytics.

    OnMetal Memory servers are designed for memory-intensive workloads such as Memcached and Redis. 512 GB servers and a low-latency 10 GB/s network enable modern architectures with the entire working set in RAM.

  • OnMetal Compute is optimized for high-traffic web servers, application servers, load balancers, and queue processing.

    OnMetal Compute servers are designed for connection handling and CPU-heavy workloads such as web serving. With high speeds, plenty of cores and a low-latency 10 GB/s network, OnMetal Compute is perfect for rendering web pages or pushing packets.